Chapter 1 About

Analytic epidemiology research methods applied to astrological research for example, a math equation \(a^2 + b^2 = c^2\).

1.1 Intended users

Research community in general

Astrology research community in particular

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Golden Rectangle

Golden rectangle derived from unit cube (b1 struts). Relative lengths of unit square diagonal (g1), unit cube diagonal (2 y1) and golden rectangle diagonal (2 r0) shown.

b0 = 1/Phi b1 = 1 b2 = Phi

g0 = g1/Phi g1 = sqrt(2) g2 = g1Phi

y0 = y1/Phi y1 = (sqrt(3))/2 y2 = y1Phi

r0 = (sqrt(1 + 1/Phi^2))/2 r1 = r0Phi r2 = r1Phi