This book is an exploration of experiencing the fourth dimension of space-time.

Is the fourth dimension real? How does visualizing 4-D geometries, such as the Tesseract, differ from actually experiencing the fourth dimension?

Is the assumption that the brain is the source of consciousness correct? A similar assumption was believed to be true to support the geocentric model because, factually, we observe the Sun orbiting around the Earth.

Near-death experiences consistently report a sense of “compressed” time (simultaneity), a flash of time, transcending the linear 3-D brain consciousness. Isn’t dreaming also a state of consciousness experiencing the fourth dimension?

Why should we assume that the brain is the source of consciousness? What if the brain is just a 3-D radio through which 4-D radio waves manifest in linear time?

What if post mortem survival of consciousness is scientifically proven? That is, advanced AI supported technology providing scientifically validated electronic audio visual recordings of dead people, particularly recently departed physicists currently engaged in such research and committed to report back after death?

What kind of technology would be required to realiably record Electronic voice phenomena? Are there current technical limitations (sensitivity of instruments) to record the full scope of the electromagnetic spectrum?

What if the breakthrough is not technological but the reliable transmission of information from the post mortem world through trained psychics (human sensitives)? What would be the scientific standards necessary to validate such contact with the post mortem world beyond reasonable doubt?