4 Simple

There are three simple templates in ‘bookdownplus’: ‘yihui_mini,’18 ‘yihui_demo,’19 and ‘yihui_zh.’20 They are not really simple. I call them simple only because I simply copied them from Yihui Xie’s GitHub repos. My contribution was that I tailored them into ‘bookdownplus’ so that I don’t have to download those repos every time when I start a new book.

You can write a standard book with the ‘yihui_demo’ template by simply running:

bookdownplus(template = 'yihui_demo')

or a standard article with the ‘yihui_mini’ template by running

bookdownplus(template = 'yihui_mini')

or a book in Chinese with the ‘yihui_zh’ template by running

bookdownplus(template = 'yihui_zh')

Your will get a book file named ’yihui_*.pdf’ in ’_book/’ folder as an example.

If you would like to specify the title and author, you can either use the author and title arguments, e.g.:

bookdownplus(template = 'yihui_demo',
             author = 'John Smith',
             title = 'My book')

or modify them in ‘index.Rmd’ later.

In your working directory you could now open ‘bookdownplus.Rproj’ with RStudio. Write your own text in ‘index.Rmd’ and ‘body.Rmd’, and press ‘ctrl+shift+b’ to build your own book.