Chapter 19 DIY

Now its time again for you to explore some more data on your own. Either use some of your own data, or use one of the datasets that freely available to use in R. The main list is here. You can check whether you will need to install a package to acess a dataset. You can check how many categorical and continuous variables are available to determine which combination would work best for your analysis.

Apply the skills that you’ve gained to the data. There are some pointers below to get you started, building on the same foundational blocks we covered last session

# create new script 
# read in data and familiarise yourself with it
# load any necessary packages
# check data types
# clean data if necessary
# re-level data and label if appropriate
# produce some describe statistics
# create some basic exploratory plots and more advanced ggplots to visualise your data
# run appropriate statistical test
# check assumptions
# summarise results
# save script and any relevant plots