Set up your server

Listen for changes with observe or reactive, the Shiny hearing aids

Using eventReactive to prevent unwanted reactions


server <- function(input, output, session) {

# since both mytext and myslider are in the reactive # they both trigger the code to run myresults <- reactive({ paste(input\(mytext, input\)myslider) })

# eventReactive here tells Shiny only to trigger this code # when mytext changes myresults_lim <- eventReactive(input\(mytext, { paste(input\)mytext, input$myslider) })

observe(updateTextInput(session, “myresults”, value = myresults())) observe(updateTextInput(session, “myresults_lim”, value = myresults_lim()))


ui <- basicPage(

h3("Using eventReactive to limit reactions."),
sliderInput("myslider", "", min=0, max=1000, value=500),
textInput("mytext", "Input goes here"),
textInput("myresults", "Text box + slider (updates when either changes)",
"Initial value"),
textInput("myresults_lim", "Text box + slider (updates when text box changes)",
"Initial value")


shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)