My name is 费文晞 (FEI Wenxi), and is pronounced as (surname first):

“FAY When-She” in English, just call me “When-She” :)

[fei51 wən35 ɕi55] in Mandarin [wav]

[fi231 vən223 ɕi44] in Suzhou Wu [wav]

Contact: richabu[mysurname][at]gmail[dot]com or see contact

My CV: cv

Born in Suzhou, I am currently a PhD student at the Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). My supervisor is Dr. Yu-Yin Hsu.

My research focuses on psycho-prosody - exploring how the suprasegmental features of speech convey and how those influence humans’ behavioral and neural responses. I utilize an interdisciplinary approach, integrating acoustic analysis, psychological, and neuroimaging techniques (especially EEG) to study speech processing and the neural foundations of speech. I am fascinated by the intersections of these fields.

I am now collaborating on an interesting project, the ManyBabies project “Individual differences in infants’ social evaluations across cultures” (MB4I), investigating cross-cultural differences in infant social cognition.

For academic service, I have worked as a peer reviewer for the ICPhS2023 conference. I will be a teaching assistant of Fun with Language at PolyU in the coming semester.

Beyond research, I enjoy reading manga like Hunter x Hunter, swimming, and painting. I worked as a graphic designer, designed logos [e.g., The Modernist Studies in Asia Network (MSIA)] and painted materials for multiple experiments. During my undergraduate years, I also served as captain of the Mandarin Speech and Debate Association at EdUHK and now continue to coach debaters on the part-time basis.


2023-present | PhD | The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)

2020-2021 | MSc in Language Sciences with Distinction | University College London (UCL)

2016-2020 | BA in Language Studies with First Class Honours and President’s Honour List | The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK)


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