Chapter 5 Geodemographic market opportunity analysis

Marketing professionals need to emphasize more than just their marketing skills when looking for future market opportunities.

There is no solution in raw numbers or a plain map. However, when marketers present information using GIS tools, they often find great solutions and insights. The following story features a recent GIS application that is adopted by Maryland’s Best Seafood—a marketing program within the Maryland Department of Agriculture -

“As demand has shifted toward direct-sales during the state of emergency, Maryland’s Best Seafood—a marketing program within the Maryland Department of Agriculture—has created an interactive GIS map application that helps consumers find local producers.”

Reference: Governor Hogan Issues Proclamation for ‘Buy Maryland Seafood Days’ -

View the map here:

I hosted a workshop on geo-targeting for my students in 2019. The workshop was about analyzing an AdWords Geographic report using Tableau.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is one of the most demanded skills for digital marketers. You might want to click on the following link to learn about the job opportunities and events at IDEXX:

Tableau’s vision is “to support any Big Data platform that becomes relevant to our users, and help them facilitate a real-time conversation with their data” ( ). Do not get intimidated. It is an easy-to-use BI and visualization platform. You can download Tableau Public for testing (


Geo-targeting allows marketers to pick and choose where to place your ads based on zip code, location of interest, tourist destinations, countries, and more. Everyone knows about the power of Excel for basic or fundamental data analysis, but very few people understand the power of data visualization using Tableau.

Download Tableau Public for free:

It won’t take you long to start slicing and dicing your data. This tutorial will walk you through the whole process of analyzing your Google Ads geographic report using Tableau. Let’s have fun!

See the full version of this tutorial on my blog here:

Download your Google Ads geographic report

Click the “Locations” tab inside the AdWords web interface:Select the campaign you want to analyze. Select a large date range (like a month). From the “Locations” tab, select the “Geographic Report” view.

5.1 Exercise

Develop a targeting plan for your client’s business

In this exercise you will select counties for advertising:

•Load, display, and explore maps of California using Tableau. •Brainstorm a demographic factor (e.g., household income) that will be critical for your project client. •Identify the top ten California counties with the highest household income level in the target market. I suggest that you use a factor you would like to use. •Submit the map to the Tableau serveer. Please make sure to include each contributor’s name.

5.2 Readings

Case Study 2.2.4: Case Study 2.2.4: Analyzing Successful Locations of Competing Quick-Service Restaurants (2007)

Governor Hogan Issues Proclamation for ‘Buy Maryland Seafood Days’ -

Just Eat delivers delectable data for growing restaurants