The Fish Migration Roadmap

The Fish Migration Roadmap is a method that focuses on a sea-to-source approach that, like a road network, looks at rivers as interconnected fish migratory routes. It is also an interactive mapping application that enables the visualisation of barrier locations and river network connectivity in entire catchments.

The interactive mapping application displays fish migratory barriers and upstream river connectivity. It also utilities an in-built filter function which allows the user to filter the barrier, river habitat and the fish species data. This can help find barrier locations with fish/eel pass installed, river sections with high quality habitats, and look at the presence and distribution of different species along with their migratory and spawning seasons.

The Fish Migration Roadmap is a great tool for anyone who wants to learn more about fish migration. It also allows riverside communities, environmental groups, local authorities, and developers to understand the extent of river fragmentation, so they can make data-driven decisions and develop an integrated approach to deliver sustainable restoration works to improve river connectivity and fish migration.

The StoryMap developed provides a quick overview of the project.

The Fish Migration Roadmap StoryMap
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The Fish Migration Roadmap heavily utilities GIS so the next few chapters are designed to introduce some of the basic concepts of cartography, GIS, coordinate reference systems and software use.