This book is intended to be your first introduction to the TOOLS of finance. It is not a survey of finance, but rather a collection of the foundational tools you can ACTUALLY USE to solve finance problems you will encounter in your personal life and careers.

It is intended to be used in the first finance course for finance majors and as a finance founda- tion course for all business majors. The resources contained within are designed to teach you the material and provide you with a reference you can refer back to as you progress to higher level finance courses, or as a targeted refresher.

The material is presented in a conversational style with a “tutor-to-mentor” voice. Topics are presented with the intent to solve targeted problems. This allows you to see why you should learn the new material. Every topic is introduced as an extension of earlier material. As you master earlier material, you will naturally begin to question where certain factors come from. These questions lead to the next topic or technique, which brings up new questions that are answered with the next topic and so on. The book also makes strategic use of repetition. By continually seeing familiar material in unique contexts you will start to build mental connections among the topics. This will lead to long-term retention of the material.

The connections among the topics are built up and illustrated with concept maps. Concept maps are a graphical way to summarize large amounts of information and you will find them to be useful “cheat sheets.”

The book makes extensive use of visual material with timelines and videos. The typical format for the material is

• A brief narrative of the topic being covered,

• A narrated video demonstrating how to work problems associated with the topic (via You- Tube link),

• Example problems—worked out,

• In-class exercises.

The book is particularly suited for a “flipped” format course delivery. With a flipped format class, you are presented new material outside of class and your professor can use in-class time to work problems or for discussion.