1 Overview

This is a quick start guide for the Predict Crypto DataBase which should provide the support you need to interact with the database and pull data. Everything you need to know will be outlined in this document and you can use the sidebar on the left (s is the hotkey to show/hide it) to review the following sections:

  1. Overview- This section.

  2. Interacting with the DB- Instructions around accessing the Metabase environment that will allow you to interact with the database, which is hosted on the website PredictCryptoDB.com

  3. Useful Tables- A review of some of the more useful/interesting tables you can find within the database and an overview of the best places to get started.

  4. Usage Guide- This guide explores some of the functionality found within the website/Metabase environment.

  5. Documentation Usage- An overview of the documentation that is available through the Metabase environment and how to use it to answer questions you may have around where the data is sourced from as well as a complete data dictionary for every field in every table.

  6. Additional Tips- Some additional notes around using the environment to its full potential. This section goes over things like pulling the most recent data, creating dashboards, embedding anything you create as an iframe within a website or blog post, creating e-mail triggers and using a Python package to execute trades.

  7. Development Roadmap- This section provides an overview of what tables I am looking to add into the PredictCrypto database next as well as dates on when the new sources will be added.

You can toggle the sidebar on the left side of the screen by pressing the letter s on your keyboard.