3.11 ToDG Data-ink Exercise 1 (Solution)

  • Tufte provides examples in his book and Tufte in R provides R code
  • See Figure 3.9 below
    • Q: What is shown? Which ones use less/more data? Which ones do you prefer? (Principles vs. readability)1011
Reducing data-ink: Example 1

Figure 3.9: Reducing data-ink: Example 1

  1. See Tufte (2001, 2:123ff) for analogue graphs.

  2. “The grey background gives the plot a sim-ilar typographic colour to the text, ensuring that the graphics fit in with theflow of a document without jumping out with a bright white background. Finally, the grey background creates a continuous field of colour which ensures that the plot is perceived as a single visual entity” (Wickham 2016, 172).