3.15 ToDG: Data density and small multiples (1)

  • \(\text{Data density of a graphic} = \frac{\text{number of entries in data matrix}}{\text{area of data graphic}}\) (Tufte 2001, 2:168)

  • Further rules:

    • Maximize data density and the size of the data matrix, within reason
    • Graphics can be shrunk way down.
    • → small multiples
  • Figure 3.12, a small-multiples example, was published in Munzert and Bauer (2013).

Polarization trends

Figure 3.12: Polarization trends


Munzert, Simon, and Paul C Bauer. 2013. “Political Depolarization in German Public Opinion, 1980–2010.” Political Science Research and Methods 1 (1): 67–89.

Tufte, Edward R. 2001. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. Vol. 2. Graphics press Cheshire, CT.