3.32 Solution? Spelling = grammar = poetry?

  • Can software (such as ggplot2) solve those problems?
  • ggplot2 = spellchecker: Plot won’t work unless components correctly specified (Wickham 2010b, 24–25)
  • ggplot2 \(\neq\) grammar checker: Would need to identify common mistakes/warn user (Wickham 2010b, 24–25)
  • Too many variables: Hard to see relationship between more than three variables in a single panel (e.g., suggest facetting)
  • Overplotting: Too many points may make us fail to see density wrong conclusions (e.g., suggest adding density visualization)
  • Alphabetical ordering: Categorical variables often displayed in alphabetical ordering (“Alabama first!” mistake (Wainer 2005)) (e.g., suggest ordering)
  • Polar coordinates: Humans are better at judging length than angle or area (Cleveland and McGill 1987) (e.g., warn users?)
  • Tools: Default template, default parameters.. but mostly we need education! [Wickham2010-qe, 25]


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