10.23 Small multiples (1)

  • Christopher Scheiner (1611): changing configurations of sunspots over time (Friendly 2006)
  • subplot(..., nrows = 1, widths = NULL, heights = NULL, margin = 0.02, shareX = FALSE, shareY = FALSE, titleX = shareX, titleY = shareY, which_layout = "merge")
    • ?subplot
    • nrows: number of rows for laying out plots in a grid-like structure. Only used if no domain is already specified.
    • widths: relative width of each column on a 0-1 scale. By default all columns have an equal relative width.
    • heights: relative height of each row on a 0-1 scale. By default all rows have an equal relative height.
    • margin: either a single value or four values (all between 0 and 1). If four values are provided, the first is used as the left margin, the second is used as the right margin, the third is used as the top margin, and the fourth is used as the bottom margin. If a single value is provided, it will be used as all four margins.
    • shareX and shareY: Should the x-axis/yaxis be shared amongst the subplots?
    • titleX and titleY: Should x-axis/y-axis titles be retained?