13.1 Line vs. path plots

  • Line and path plots typically used for time series data
  • Line plots: join the points from left to right
    • Have time on the x-axis, showing how a single variable has changed over time
  • Path plots: join them in the order that they appear in the dataset (in other words, a line plot is a path plot of the datasorted by x value)
    • show how two variables have simultaneously changed over time, with time encoded in the way that observations are connected
  • Figure 13.1 and ?? show unemployment over time. Figure 13.1 shows the unemployment rate while Figure 13.2 shows the median number of weeks unemployed.
Line plot

Figure 13.1: Line plot

Path plot

Figure 13.2: Path plot

  • Unemployment rate vs. length of unemployment
  • Figure ?? plots unemployment rate vs. length of unemployment and join the individual observations with a path
    • The additinoal color makes it easier to grasp time
Line & path plot

Figure 13.3: Line & path plot

Line & path plot

Figure 13.4: Line & path plot