9.3 Interactivity: Theory & Concepts

  • interactive data visualization enables direct actions on a plot to change elements and link between multiple plots” (Swayne 1999) (Wikipedia)
  • Interactivity revolutionizes the way we work with data
  • Revolutionizes perception of data (cf. William S Cleveland and McGill 1984a)
  • Started ~last quarter of the 20th century, PRIM-9 (1974) (Friendly 2006, 23, see also Cleveland and McGill, 1988, Young et al. 2006)
  • We have come a long way… “evolution of animals” (2:20, 3:20, Tukey inventor of boxplot)
  • More history
  • Interactivity allows for…
  • Example: Check out the datablogs of various newspapers… data journalism!


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