8.2 Concepts

  • Official vignette provides a great overview
  • Frame: One image that you produce (frames = serious of images)
  • Easing: Decisions on how the change from one value to another should progress (e.g., linear)
    • ease_aes(): Ignore and use default or set easing (e.g, ease_aes(y = 'bounce-out'))38
  • Labeling: Tell audience what the time points are!
    • Solution: gganimate provides a set of variables for each frame, which can be inserted into plot (glue syntax)
      • e.g., p + ggtitle(title = 'Winning and loosing friends/followers (Date: {frame_time})')
  • Object permanence: Graphic elements should only transition between instances of same underlying phenomenon
    • i.e., we would connect repeated observations of same individual/country with line, but not different ones (same logic here)
  • Enter and exit: Animations of appearance and disappearance of data (see vignette)
    • enter_fade(): Fade in data
    • exit_shrink(): Shrink out data
    • enter_drift() and exit_drift(): Drift data in/out
  • Rendering: See next slide

  1. Sets special ease for y aesthetic.