8.3 Concepts: Rendering

  • Enter/exist simply make appear things (we may want to have more control!)
  • Gganimate’s animation model
    • Dimensionless in same way as ggplot2 describe plots independent of the final width and height of the plot
      • → final number of frames and frame-rate are only given when you ask gganimate to render animation
  • Printing animation object using animate() function uses default arguments
    • nframes: The number of frames to render (default 100)
    • fps: The framerate of the animation in frames/sec (default 10)
    • dev: The device to use for rendering the single frames (defaults to ‘png’)
    • renderer: sets the function used to combine each frame into an animate (defaults to gifski_renderer()39)
    • → if you displike defaults change argument in animate() directly
  • animate(): Animation function that returns the result of the renderer

  1. In principle you can switch between different renderers such as gifski.