3 Read the feed

So now you’re following some folks. Let’s look at your feed.

From time to time Twitter modifies the algorithms for what shows up in your feed. Here are the main ways your feed is populated.

P.S. Bear with us here!

3.1 Someone you follow posts a tweet

This is the basic way your feed works. Someone you follow posts a tweet, it shows up in you feed. Here, Jesse posted a tweet of her and her cat and it showed in the feed.

3.2 Someone you follow replies to a tweet.

A reply-tweet from someone you follow will show up in your feed. If you follow both the original poster of the tweet, you’ll see the both the reply, and the orginal tweet being replied to.

If a lot of people that you follow reply to a tweet, the the orginal tweet may appear with the thread of replies below it, even if you don’t follow that orginal account that made the tweet.

In the example below, David posted a tweet and Nicole replied to it.


Someone you follow re-posts a tweet from someone else a.ka. posts a retweet a.k.a retweets. The retweet can either be with or without their own comment above it. Both options are provided to you when you wish to rewteet

Here you can see Mary retweeted Danielle’s tweet.

Here’s an example of a quoted retweet. Josiah retweeted Tyler’s tweet, and commented on it.

3.4 Liked tweets

Someone you follow likes someone else’s tweet. That liked-tweet will be displayed in your feed, even if you don’t follow the account of the person whose tweet was liked.

This tweet showed in the feed because Mine and Stoeh liked a tweet from Think&Smile.