4 #Hashtags, what are they good (quite a lot actually)

By now hashtags have found their way across multiple social media platforms.

Selecting any hashtag you see will take you to a list of tweets that feature that tag.

Some important one’s for your R journey are:

4.1 #RStats

This is the most widely used hashtag by the R twitter community.

4.2 #Tidytuesday

Every week there is a Tidy Tuesday challenge posted. It’s a dataset that everyone makes visualisations about and shares their results (and often source code too!). This is a fun way to improve your own skills by learnign hwo other sdo things and practicing on interested data sets.

Tweet: https://twitter.com/zhiiiyang/status/1185328020745117698?s=20

4.3 Event hashtags

One of the best aspects of Twitter is following news about events and conferences. Of of the most popular is RstudioConf. The hashtag #rstudioconf becomes really active leading up to and during the event. If you’re not attending the conference, following this hashtag gives you an idea of the what’s going on during the conference. Tweets often contain take home messages of talks, screenshots, or links to slides. People attending the conference often use Twitter to meet up for coffee, or to get info on sessions that are cancelled.

Other event hashtags:

  • #useR + year, eg. #useR2020
  • #eRum + year, eg. #eRum2020
  • #SatRday