What is this?

This is a collaboratively written guide for Bio 340: General Ecology at queens college.


Notice that there’s a little arrow to the side of the screen. Click the arrow and see what happens, or just highlight some text on this page, and you’ll notice a little widget comes out that lets you highlight or annotate text.

You’ll need to sign up for hypothesis.is to do this when you’re in the side pane. It’s an open source tool meant to get people to annotate and peer review the internet, including R Markdown books, and you can use it to suggest small changes to this book or discuss its content/ask questions. This video explains it a bit more.

Okay, But Why Should I Contribute to This Book?

There are a variety of simple ways one can massively improve their learning outcomes, including teaching their peers, collaborative note-taking and file-sharing, and discussing course content online and at in person study halls. Contributing to this project involves all four of these things, so it is incredibly likely to improve your academic outcomes.