Preface (to be added)

I summarized my work for this week:

- Fortunately, I found all the summary statistics of the ~2.4million SNPs in Day’s meta-analysis paper. and did the standard quality control on the summary statistics; Since the target data is not available now, I instead did the following things as suggested.

- I created a R draft and laid out the structure, I also added some information in sessions 2 & 3. Specifically, I prepared the variable dictionary in session 2.3 please take a look. I will appreciate your feedback:). (The R  draft is not good enough now, I will add more contents)

- I read several papers that helped me with the quality control step (Marees 2018), and found several papers that might be useful in the construction step. (Khera 2018, Prive 2017, Thomas 2020) 

In the next week:

- I will refine the R draft: specifically, add more details to chapter1~3 (available reference: Zhe’s thesis, CCSS proposal)

- I will draft the codes for the clumping+thresholding method in R so that I can use the structure in the future. (use the hypothetical dataset from Prive’s paper, other references: Khera 2018, Prive 2017, Thomas 2020) 

I summarized my work for this week:

  • I used dummy data and worte the R script for the clumping and thresholding method

  • I reviewed some codes and CCSS datasets

  • I did some writing, added more contents into this draft