Chapter 1 Recipes for Statisticians

Here are a few recipies based on the type of Data that one has,

  1. Principal Component Analysis
  2. Barycentric Discriminant Analysis
  3. Multiple Correspondence Analysis
  4. Discriminant Correspondence Ananlysis
  5. Partial Least Square Correlation
  6. Multiple Factor Analysis
  7. Correspondence Analysis


Step 1 : Preprocessing the data by checking for NA and scaling or centering the data.

Step 2 : Looking at the data pattern to look for potential patterns or trends.

Step 3 : Performing the Analysis

Step 4 : Interpreting the Results

Step 5 : Using Inference tests to check for stability and reliability if the results. (eg : Permutation, Bootstrap, Jacknife)

Step 6 : Concluding the results obtained

Nutrition Calorie Content : Just the appropriate amount to become a healthy statistician