This instruction manual belongs the course Introduction to R which accompanies the Medical Biometry lecture as part of Molecular Medicine Master program. Each chapter belongs to one of the five course dates. It is written in a way that should allow you to reproduce the entire course by yourself on your personal computer.

There are a lot of code examples in this instruction manual. You can generally recognise a piece of R code in this document by the grey highlighting. If the code returns a result, the result is displayed directly below the code. If you are looking at the HTML-Version of this document (that’s if you got here by clicking a link) the result is also highlighted grey, in the PDF/Paper version it is not:

[1] 2

We strongly encourage you to try out all the example code yourself while working through the chapters!

If you run into problems please check the Troubleshooting paragraph at the end of the first two chapters that lists the most common problems and corresponding solutions people encounter when learning to use R.