1 Jumping Rivers

Jumping Rivers is an analytics company whose passion is data and machine learning. We help our clients move from data storage to data insights.

Jumping Rivers has delivered quality data insights from day 1. Based in Newcastle and founded in 2016, the company is bringing a fresh approach to the world of data analytics.

  • Authors with O’Reilly
  • Peer-reviewed papers
  • Live courses with O’Reilly
  • Regular speakers at conferences across the world
  • Partners with the Centre for Data
  • Partners with RStudio
  • Branded with Data Lab
  • Active sponsors for user groups across the world
  • Preferred Microsoft AI partners

1.1 Training

Jumping Rivers offer a number of training options in R and Python ranging from introductory programming to applied machine learning, automated reporting and app development. We also offer the facility to create bespoke training programs for our clients to make sure that we perfectly cater to your needs.

1.2 Consultancy

Our consultancy helps you find ways in which data will optimise your systems, products or services. With Jumping Rivers, you can stay ahead, predict and exceed changes in your marketplace – and use data to drive your future success.

1.3 Get in touch

Please feel free to browse our website https://jumpingrivers.com to see how we can help you or to get in touch.

1.4 This book

This material was created to be used as a half day training course reference.