Web Applications

How to Build a Shiny Application from Scratch

by Hadrien@rstudio.com


How to Build a Shiny Application from Scratch […] Shiny is a powerful R package which allows you to create interactive web applications using the R programming language. It is particularly useful for creating applications that run on data and include some sort of data analysis or visualization. In addition to leveraging the power of R and its thousands of packages, one of the big benefits of shiny is the ease of developing applications using R only. Although it is possible to incorporate more traditional web design languages such as custom CSS or Javascript into your shiny application, it … Read more →


Building Web Applications with Shiny and SQL Server

by Matthew Sharkey


A guide to building scalable Shiny Datbase applications […] This book supplements my presentation at the Omaha R User Group on Thursday, April 4, … Read more →


R Powered Web Applications with Shiny

by Zev Ross (with Andrew Clark)


R Powered Web Applications with Shiny […] This is a book version, transcribed by Andrew Clark using RStudio’s bookdown package, of an extensive blog post by Zev Ross. The book version has the advantage of being available in several formats, more easily updated and downloadable. However, for an interactive version refer to the above mentioned blog … Read more →