Unit Test

HTTP testing in R

by Scott Chamberlain, Maëlle Salmon


Best practice and tips for testing packages interfacing web resources. […] Are you working on an R package accessing resources on the web, be it a cat facts API, a scientific data source or your system for Customer relationship management? As with all other packages, appropriate unit testing can make your code more robust. The unit testing of a package interacting with web resources, however, brings special challenges: dependence of tests on a good internet connection, testing in the absence of authentication secrets, etc. Having tests fail due to resources being down or slow, during development … Read more →


Functional programming and unit testing for data munging with R

by Bruno Rodrigues


This book is an introduction to functional programming and unit testing with the R programming language, for the purpose of data muning […] This book is still being written, some chapters are not finished yet, and there might be (there are) some typos. Don’t hesitate to write to me if you notice something weird. You can purchase a digital copy of this book at leanpub. The version on Leanpub will not always be up-to-date, I only update it when I made very big changes (new chapters, etc). But once this book will be finished, both version are going to be the same. This book serves to show how … Read more →