Data Science and Econometrics for NBA Analytics

by KP


Data Science and Econometrics for NBA Analytics […] The 1960s was a period of time where oil became the most valuable and productivity augmenting resource for companies to extract, prompting companies to engage in a race to extract as much oil as possible without any regard for the environmental and social consequences. However, recent times has seen data replace oil as the most valuable resource, even for sports organizations. Analytics have a major place in today’s sports world. At some level, every sports organization relies on data and analytics for team development, salary structure, … Read more →


Footy Fan

by Quang Nguyen


Footy Fan […] Soccer, more commonly known as football or association football, is probably the sport that I love the most. I have been following “The King of Sports” for more than 15 years. During this period of time, I have witnessed some of the best matches in the history of the game and also have experienced plenty of emotions, from happiness and cheerfulness to anxiety, frustration and despondency. Soccer is the one sport that I enjoy watching more than playing (I’m not that athletic), so this “book” will primarily focus on my experience watching footy. I will talk about how I became … Read more →


Men’s U-Sports Basketball Analysis

by Michael Armanious


Sports Analytics […] Statistics in sports is a growing field in research that provides specialized methodology for collecting and analyzing sports data in order to make decisions for successful planning and implementation of new strategies [1]. Sports, particularly, have countless and ever-expanding data sources that can be used by analysts in order to extract objective information for use in aspects such as making predictions throughout seasons and enhancements in team and player performance. Broadly, Sports Analysis is described as the process of data management, predictive model … Read more →


useR2016 Conference Videos

by Andrew Clark

useR2016 Conference Videos

Chart, interactive table and a selection of videos from the useR2016 conference […] This acts as a repository for some of my favourite video talks from the recent useR2016 conference along with the ability to view any of the offerings via a clickable table. It is probably not the most effective of presentation but is a trial run for creating and deploying interactive books to Andrew Clark is an independent R developer based in North Vancouver He has for many years supplied statistical sports data on the web but with the interactive opportunities arising from the shiny framework … Read more →