The twinetverse

by John Coene

The twinetverse

A guide to visualise networks of Twitter interactions in R using the twinetverse. […] The goal of the twinetverse is to provide everything one might need to view Twitter interactions, from data collection to visualisation. The twinetverse package is available on Github and Bitbucket. The package is unlikely to make it onto CRAN, it may be considered once all of its children packages are on the archive network, but not until then. The source code for this book can be found on … Read more →


Graphical & Latent Variable Modeling

by Michael Clark


This document focuses on structural equation modeling. It is conceptually based, and tries to generalize beyond the standard SEM treatment. It includes special emphasis on the lavaan package. Topics include: graphical models, including path analysis, bayesian networks, and network analysis, mediation, moderation, latent variable models, including principal components analysis and ‘factor analysis’, measurement models, structural equation models, mixture models, growth curves, item response theory, Bayesian nonparametric techniques, latent dirichlet allocation, and more. Read more →


Social Network Analysis in Education

by chen

Social Network Analysis in Education

This is a course handbook written by Bodong Chen for his SNA course at UMN. […] This site is the course portal of CI5330 - Social Network Analysis in Education, taught by Prof. Bodong Chen at the University of Minnesota in Spring ’17. Content on this site is actively built and refined throughout the semester. This site or book is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Last update: 2017-04-17 … Read more →