Doing Meta Analysis in R

by Mathias Harrer, B.Sc. & Dr. habil. David Ebert


This is a guide on how to conduct Meta-Analysis in R. […] This guide shows you how to conduct Meta-Analyses in R from scratch. The focus of this guide is primarily on clinical outcome research in psychology. It is designed for staff and collaborators of the PROTECT Lab, which is headed by Dr. David D. Ebert. The guide will show you how to: What this guide will not cover Although this guide will provide some information on the statistics behind meta-analysis, it will not give you an in-depth introduction into how meta-analyses are calculated statistically. It is also beyond the scope of this … Read more →


Novel methods for dose–response meta-analysis

by Alessio Crippa


Novel methods for dose–response meta-analysis […] A single experiment can hardly provide a definitive answer to a scientific question. Science is oftentimes referred to as a cumulative process where results from many studies, aiming to address a common question of interest, contribute to create and update the scientific evidence. In the cumulative paradigm, meta-analysis is the statistical methodology to combine and compare the current evidence in the field. This process lies at the heart of the concept of evidence-based medicine and plays a major role in policy and decision making. … Read more →