Data Analysis in Medicine and Health using R

by Kamarul Imran, Wan Nor Arifin, Tengku Muhammad Hanis Tengku Mokhtar


Data Analysis in Medicine and Health using R […] We wrote this book to help new R programming users with limited programming and statistical background. We understand the struggles they are going through to move from point-and-click statistical software such as SPSS or MS Excel to more code-centric software such as R and Python. From our experiences, frustration sets in early in learning this code-centric software. It often demotivates new users to the extent that they ditch them and return to using point-and-click statistical software. This book will minimise these struggles and gently … Read more →


R Cookbook in Food Science

by Zhijun Wang


This is Rmarkdown for R cookbook in food science, code works for data anslysis using R. […] The book aims to provide a basic overview of data science for statistical analysis in Food Science. This book is intended to save students and young scientists from confusions as a starter in data science application. With the development of food science, this major has became a comprehensive discipline including analytical chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition and even basic medicine. The large amount of data greatly increases the difficulty of data analysis and visualization. Many universities and … Read more →


Weight Algorithms for Administrative Data

by Richard R. Evans (, Wyndy Wiitala (, Jenny Burns (


DCEP Project: Aim 2 Analytical Documentation […] A recent special issue of the Journal for General Internal Medicine, dedicated to obesity treatment in Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA), highlighted research and evaluation priorities, which include establishing structures to coordinate weight management at the health system level, implement large-scale measurement strategies to evaluate outcomes and support data-driven quality improvement, and test interventions to improve reach and weight outcomes. MOVE! continues to be the centerpiece program of VHA’s comprehensive lifestyle behavior … Read more →


(Mostly Clinical) Epidemiology with R

by James Brophy


This is an intermediate epidemiology book that focuses on clinical epidmeiology and its quantification using R. It stems from my belief that the learning of epidmeiologic principles is consolidated through hands on coding examples. […] James (Jay) Brophy is a full professor with a joint appointment in the Departments of Medicine and Epidemiology and Biostatistics at McGill University where he works as a clinical cardiologist at the McGill University Health Center and does research in cardiovascular epidemiology. His research interests are eclectic and include clinical and outcomes research, … Read more →


Medicina de Estilo de Vida

by Dr. Héctor Murillo


This is a minimal example of using the bookdown package to write a book. The output format for this example is bookdown::gitbook. […] Dr. Héctor Daniel Murillo Coronado DipIBLM 1,2,3,4 Médico cirujano certificado en Medicina de Estilo de Vida por el International Board of Lifestyle Medicine Association Escuela de Medicina, Universidad de Montemorelos Clínica del Estilo de Vida, Hospital La Carlota Colegio Mexicano de Medicina de Estilo de Vida Asociación Latinoamericana de Medicina de Estilo de … Read more →


Computational Genomics with R

by Altuna Akalin

Computational Genomics with R

A guide to computationa genomics using R. The book covers fundemental topics with practical examples for an interdisciplinery audience […] The aim of this book is to provide the fundamentals for data analysis for genomics. We developed this book based on the computational genomics courses we are giving every year. We have had invariably an interdisciplinary audience with backgrounds from physics, biology, medicine, math, computer science or other quantitative fields. We want this book to be a starting point for computational genomics students and a guide for further data analysis in more … Read more →


EXMD 634: Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Experimental Medicine

by Nandini Dendukuri, McGill University


EXMD 634: Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Experimental Medicine … Read more →


COVID-19 Resources for Penn Cardiologists

by Michael Levin, MD; Yoav Karpenshif, MD; Megan Burke, MD; and Frank E. Silvestry MD on behalf of the Penn Cardiology Fellowship program

COVID-19 Resources for Penn Cardiologists

A compliation of COVID-19 resources assembled by cardiology fellows at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania […] This resource is compiled/updated by cardiology fellows at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and is designed to provide information to physicians and medical providers within the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and other interested parties. The information provided here is not intended to be medical … Read more →