bookdown: Easy Book Publishing with R Markdown

The bookdown package is a free and open-source R package built on top of R Markdown to make it really easy to write books and long-form articles/reports. Markdown is a very simple language but made powerful thanks to Pandoc, and bookdown has added a few important missing features related to writing books, such as figure/table caption numbering and cross-references, and embedding HTML widgets or Shiny apps. We have tried hard to make everything work for all output formats (PDF, HTML, and EPUB, etc), so your readers can choose their favorite file format to read. Although the bookdown package was developed using R, it does not mean your book have to be related to R at all. You can certainly write poems or novels with bookdown!

For book authors who want to get their books listed properly on the homepage, you will need to add a few optional fields in the YAML metadata in your index.Rmd:

Here is an example:

description: "This is a minimal bookdown demo."
github-repo: "rstudio/bookdown-demo"
cover-image: "images/cover.png"
url: 'https\://'

If your book is written with bookdown but not published to, please feel free to let us know the URL, and we can also list it on the homepage. Please note that the book list is updated manually, so your book will not be listed automatically on the homepage after you upload it.

The website is a service provided by RStudio Inc. to host books. It is free for you to publish the static output files of your book, and you hold the full copyright of your own books. Please note that is based on RStudio Connect, so in theory you could publish any types of content here (single R Markdown reports, dashboards, Shiny apps, and so on), however, we only support books here, and reserve the right to stop serving other types of content you publish to Please consider using RStudio Connect or for publishing those types of content instead.