5.5 Exercises

i2ds: Exercises

Please complete some exercises from Chapter 6: Importing data and some exercises from Chapter 5: Tibbles.

Part A: Reading and writing data

At least two exercises (out of four) from Chapter 6: Importing data on the readr package (Wickham et al., 2018):

5.5.1 Navigating directories

Exercise 1 of Chapter 6: Importing data

5.5.2 Read-write-read cycle

Exercise 3 of Chapter 6: Importing data

5.5.3 Reading odd data

Exercise 4 of Chapter 6: Importing data

5.5.4 Variants of p_info

Exercise 6 of Chapter 6: Importing data

Part B: Creating tibbles

At least two exercises (out of three) from Chapter 5: Tibbles on the tibble package (Müller & Wickham, 2021):

5.5.5 Flower power

Parts 1, 3–5 (i.e., all except for Part 2) of Exercise 1 of Chapter 5: Tibbles

5.5.6 Rental accounting

Part 1 of Exercise 2 of Chapter 5: Tibbles

5.5.7 False positive psychology

Exercise 4 of Chapter 5: Tibbles

This concludes our exercises on importing data and creating tibbles.


Müller, K., & Wickham, H. (2021). tibble: Simple data frames. https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=tibble
Wickham, H., Hester, J., & Francois, R. (2018). readr: Read rectangular text data. https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=readr