C.2 Submitting a project

C.2.1 What to include

Please submit a zipped-archive of an R-project, including all scripts and data (in csv format):54

  • Code: An executable .R or .Rmd script containing all code.

  • Output: 1 document suited to understand and evaluate the project (either an html-file that combines all text and code OR a pdf file that contains all text and figures).

If you are hosting your project online (e.g., on GitHub or some other site), you can also submit a link to it.

C.2.2 Deadline

An email with your attached project should be sent to your instructor (no later than September 1, 2020). Alterantively, submit your project to the corresponding folder on the Ilias web platform.

  1. Contact the instructor early enough if the size of your archive exceeds 5MB.