9.5 Resources

This section provides some pointers to related resources.

9.5.1 Strings

Text and string manipulation with **stringr** and regular expressions<br>from [R&nbsp;Studio Cheat Sheets](https://www.rstudio.com/resources/cheatsheets/).

Figure 9.3: Text and string manipulation with stringr and regular expressions
from R Studio Cheat Sheets.

9.5.2 Regular expressions

Basic regular expressions in R (by Ian Kopacka)<br> available at [R&nbsp;Studio Cheat Sheets](https://www.rstudio.com/resources/cheatsheets/).

Figure 9.4: Basic regular expressions in R (by Ian Kopacka)
available at R Studio Cheat Sheets.

9.5.3 Books

The topic of handling text data in R is big enough to receive book-length treatments:

  • The book Handling Strings with R (by Gaston Sanchez) provides a comprehensive overview of string manipulation in R.

  • The book Text Mining with R (by Julia Silge and David Robinson) provides a guide to text analysis within a tidy data framework. It uses the tidytext package to format text into tables with one token of text per row and manipulate them to perform advanced tasks.


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