This is the virtual laboratory notebook containing the work of Alfredo E. Gonzalez for the Boutros Lab. The first two chapters (Module 1 and Module 2) are dedicated to the two folders of the Boutros Lab introductory bioinformatics training in the R programming language. Within both of these chapters there are subsections for each question of the problem sets.

As additional analysis are generated in real time, they will be appended to the subsequent chapters.

Additional notes (# >>> ) in the code

Getting familiar with the data is an integral part of a good analysis. Henceforth I did my best to show some of the thought process and some of the extra steps that were taken to look at and and become familiar with the data in the process of creating the plots and performing that analysis. For the sake of clarity in final report, the output of much of this code was omitted, and has instead been integrated into comments in accordance to where they were used. The format for these comments is as seen bellow.