4 Germination analysis

After the data collection, the information can be processed using GerminaQuant App. The web application can be used in any device, connected to the internet, in an interactive way. The application is compound in tabs (Table 4.1) that allow to make the analysis very easy.

Table 4.1: Name and description of each tab of GerminaQuant to evaluate and analyze the germination process
Tabs Description
Introduction Presentation of GerminaQuant and description of the germination variables
Data Import Allow to upload the fieldbook, visualize all the data and chose the parameter for the analysis .
Germination Analysis Calculate automatically the germination variables and export the data file.
Statisdtical Analysis Allow to chose the variables according the experimental design for analysis of variance and summarise the information
Multi Plot Plot the mean comparison test for the variables selected in diffrente plots: bar, line and boxplot.
Germination in Time Selecting the treatment, allows plotting the germination process.