1 Evaluation of the seed germination process

The physiology and seed technology have provided valuable tools for the production of high quality seed and treatments and storage conditions (Marcos-Filho 1998). In basic research, the seeds are studied exhaustively, and the approach of its biology is performed to fully exploit the dormancy and germination (Penfield and King 2009). An important tool for indicate the performance of a seed lot is the precise quantification of germination through accurate analysis of the cumulative germination data (Joosen et al. 2010). Time, velocity, homogeneity, uncertainty and synchrony are measurements that inform the dynamics of the germination process. It is interesting not only for physiologists and seed technologists, but also for environmentalists, since it is possible to predict the degree of success of the species, based on the seed crop ability to redistribute germination over time, allowing the recruitment of part of the seedlings formed (Ranal and Santana 2006).