4 Ingredients of a successful paper/dissertation

4.1 Asking a good question

How to ask your question; Posing a relevant, and well-formulated question

4.2 Organising your paper

Standard format

(Abstract), Introduction, (Literature review), Data description and background, analysis and results, conclusion, list of works cited.





4.3 Writing well: Clarity, focus and tone

Your writing must be understood by others. This sounds trivial but it is not. As McCloskey (ref) writes, try to write “\[not\] merely so that the reader can understand but so that he cannot possibly misunderstand”. Write so that the reader’s brain does not freeze up but comes along with you for the journey. By all means make sure your word processor is set to language=English and do a grammar and spelling check. Read over your paper and have others read it over to make sure it is readable.