Many EngD’s have an educational background in engineering and are interested in becoming chartered one day but are not sure how they can get there through their EngD. Though there is a growing acceptance that the skills developed through an EngD are similar to those developed on an accredited company training scheme, at this time only a couple of EngD centres have achieved accreditation of the EngD as Initial Professional Development.

Ideally, all centres would achieve accreditation with one or more institutions and a formal process for CEng registration after successful defence of the viva would exist. Hopefully this will happen one day, but for now it is up to you to get chartered through your EngD.

The aim of this document is to offer some guidance on how you can start working toward CEng whilst on your EngD, accredited or not. The process is not rocket-surgery; it is in fact easier to fulfil some of the objectives through the EngD than it is on a graduate scheme. The key is planning and understanding which aspects of your EngD contribute to the relevant objectives for CEng.

This document should not replace your own judgement nor the guidance given by your institution. You need to become familiar with your institutions guidelines and plan your development to accommodate. This guide will however offer practical advice on how to utilise your time on the EngD toward being chartered and will hopefully enable you to sit your chartered membership.