1.5 Week 1 Activities

Below are a list of activities for Week 1. They are all due by Jan 23, 23:59PM, but I strongly encourage you to get started as early as possible!

1.5.1 Get to know each other

UMN Participants. Please record a short Flipgrid video to introduce yourself to the class. This activity is important for this primarily online class. You can either follow this link or directly record below.

After recording your self-intro video, please check each other’s videos and respond. Don’t feel shy about pointing out your shared interests or one classmate’s nice wall decorations :-). (Pro Tip: Test your sound to make sure it works.)

Open Participants. Please leave a Hypothes.is annotation to SAY HI!

1.5.2 Readings & Annotations

Read and annotate the following texts

When annotating, please try to do at least one entry for each of the following:

  • Annotate an SNA term you find interesting/useful, and provide a definition. Use tags term in your annotation
  • Annotate an example application of SNA in readings, and explain how you find it useful or interesting. Use tags application in your annotation
  • Reply to annotations made by other participants

Have a wonderful week!


Borgatti, Stephen P, Ajay Mehra, Daniel J Brass, and Giuseppe Labianca. 2009. “Network Analysis in the Social Sciences.” Science 323 (5916):892–95. https://doi.org/10.1126/science.1165821.