8.4 Week 8 Activities

Due by Monday, 3/25, 5:00PM

  1. Read Carolan (2014), ch. 7. Annotate as we normally do using proper hashtags and doing our ABCs.

  2. Respond below to two questions raised in Sections 8.1 and 8.2 via Hypothesis annotations. Discuss among each other via Hypothesis to make suggestions, expand ideas, explore collaboration, etc. Don’t forget to include our SNAEd course hashtag or other hashtags deemed relevant.

    • How ego-centric networks could be applied to your research projects?
    • What definition(s) of the neighborhood will make sense for your research projects?
  3. Post results of your ego-centric network analysis in the assignment Slack channel. For both R and Gephi tracks, you can choose to either (1) focus on one ego in your network, or (2) derive ego network measures and/or visualizations for every node in the network. When sharing, please make a Slack Post instead of posting multiple messages.

Have a wonderful week!