7.3 Week 7 Activities

7.3.1 Read, Annotate, and Share

  • Read Carolan (2014), ch. 6
  • Annotate as we normally do using proper hashtags (e.g., question, idea) and doing our ABCs (i.e., “Ask a question”, “Brag about your understanding”, and “Connect another peer’s ideas”).
  • Share tips and tricks related to component/clique analysis on Slack:
    • For Track R, post Code Snippets from your analysis on the R channel. You can post anything that others may find useful. For example, you can show off your code that detects strong components in a directed network.
    • For Track Gephi, post description, snapshots, or posts on the Gephi channel.
  • (Optional) Find and Share an educational study that deals with network components or cliques. Point out specific techniques applied in that study.
  • Don’t forget to respond to each other’s contributions!

7.3.2 Project Checkpoint 2

In this week, there is a project checkpoint assignment designed to keep you “on track”. The description of this checkpoint reads as following:

Students will share their refined project ideas, with a concrete data collection plan fleshed out.

At this point, we have diverged tremendoulsy on the final projects! I understand that you are all at different stages of your projects. So I will not require formal submission of this assignment and instead encourage you to make an appointment with me to discuss your project if needed.

Have a great week, and I look forward to seeing you in Zoom on March 11!