4.6 Week 4 Activities

4.6.1 Read & Annotate

Even though I do not require you to make a specific number of annotations, please continue to do the “ABC” of social annotation in this community:

  1. Ask a question
  2. Brag about your understanding about an SNA term, a domain-specific theory, a cool tool, etc.
  3. When you reply to one peer, Connect another peer’s ideas in your annotation

4.6.2 Project idea share-out

After spending the past few weeks on SNA basics and examples, we will share out our initial project ideas to the community. Specifically, you can post the following: (1) what is the central problem of your research and why it is worth investigating, (2) what phenomenon you are studying, in which context, and what key question(s) you have about the phenomenon, and (3) why SNA is potentially fruitful based on your current understanding.

  • To share, please create a Slack post under the assignment channel, due by Friday Feb 15, 11:59PM.
  • Please spend time reading our colleagues’ posts and leave your constructive comments by Monday Feb 18, 11:59PM.

4.6.3 Play & Share

  • Import a practice dataset into the SNA software of your choice
  • Get familiar with the software
  • Share the network visualization you make in the assignment channel, due by Monday Feb 18, 11:59PM

Have fun, everyone!!