11.2 Week 11 Activities and Upcoming Milestones

11.2.1 Week 11 activities

Our textbook does not have a chapter on this topic, but you’re encouraged to explore resources and examples of temporal SNA by yourself and share back to our class via either Slack or Hypothesis.

Below are a few readings you can start with:

  • Gloor et al. (2004)
  • Jiang et al. (2013)
  • Myllari, Ahlberg, and Dillon (2010)
  • Rodriguez et al. (2014)
  • Raghavan et al. (2014)
  • Carley et al. (2014)

11.2.2 Upcoming milestones

As we approach the final weeks of this semester, I want to remind you of two upcoming milestones:

  • 5/6, Project presentations – I will send out more details.
  • 5/13, Project final artifact + Reflection essay due – You can find some basic info on the syllabus. More detailed info will be shared in later weeks.

Have a wonderful week!


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