Ways to contribute to this site

This is the 2nd time I am offering this course and the 3rd time teaching in such an ‘open’ manner. By making this course site open, I hope it could be useful beyond the formal class. So I’d appreciate your help to continually improve the site.

  1. The best way to contribute to this site is to annotate it using Hypothes.is. For example, to point out a possible spelling error, you can highlight the error and include two tags – SNAEd and issues – in your annotation.
  2. The second best way is to report a New Issue on this website’s Github issues page.
  3. If you’re Github-savvy, please consider forking the Github repository, making edits, and sending me a pull request.
  4. If none of those options work for you, simply drop me an email at chenbd@umn.edu.