Two tracks of participation

This course website is openly available online, reflecting my committment to ‘open scholarship’. So there are two tracks of participation designed for this class.

  1. UMN class: For UMN graduate students enrolled in the class, your participation in this class is not that different from taking another online class. You are expected to meet course requirements outlined in the course syllabus. You will have private spaces (on Slack and for within-class communication.
  2. Open participation: For ‘Open Participants’ who are following the class, you can access the same materials I curate on this website. You may need to buy the required textbook if you do not have a library access. And ways for you to participate include 1) making public annotations using tag SNAEd, and 2) tweeting out your ideas or links to your blog posts using hashtag #SNAEd. Open Participants accomplishing major course requirements will be offered Digital Badges.

If you have any feedback on the current design, please get in touch. I’d love to hear your thoughts.