9.2 Notes on the Course Project

Based on our Slack communications (public or private), you are all making progress on your course projects. I want to make a few notes so that you can plan your project:

  • The Project Final Artifact is worth 30 points. “Each student will develop a project final artifact that has key components of a research proposal (including research problem, literature review, research questions, methodology, anticipated findings, significance, etc.). Other innovative formats, such as an interactive social network dashboard, are encouraged and should be negotiated in advance with the instructor.” If you have ideas/concerns with your own project, please send Bodong a Direct Message.
  • A rubric will be shared soon to guide your work on the Project Final Artifact. But do use this week’s exploration as an opportunity to make an outline for your Final Artifact. As I’ve mentioned in earlier weeks, I’m looking for your capabilities in making theoretically and methodologically informed decisions in a research area you specialize.

9.2.1 Use an R Notebook

I mentioned this tip in an earlier video, and want to mention it again that if you’re using R/igraph for your SNA project, please keep a file (or multiple files) containing your R scripts. You can directly compile a new report after adding new scripts to your growing project each week. You can reuse your scripts for a new dataset. You can … I can go on for another 1,000 words, but the key idea is your project (containing your ideas, data, scripts) is fully recorded and reproducible.

To learn more about R Notebooks, check out the video below. Note that you can (1) compile a report directly from a .R file, and (2) compile a report from a .Rmd (i.e., R Markdown) file.

Again, if you have specific questions, post them on the home channel or reach me via Slack PMs.

Have a wonderful week!