1 What’s in this book

  • Explanations of the statistical concepts
  • All data sets needed packaged in an R library
  • High-quality R code examples
  • Tips on taking the exam

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While this book is viewable online, a PDF download, practice exams, and answers to exercises are available by subscribing to the Artificial Actuary

  • Two original practice exams + Video solutions
  • Solutions to prior exams (videos coming soon)
  • An online discussion forum

1.2 About the author

Sam Castillo is a predictive modeler at Milliman in Chicago, has been using R for four years, and is the owner of artificialactuary.com, a blog focused on the future of risk.

1.3 Help to make this book even better

A special thanks to Erlan Wheeler and David Hill for contributing ideas for this manual. This book is constantly being improved by the community. Your suggested improvements can be added to this book easily.

See the 20:00 mark of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVqVscgwSpw

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