3 Dropbox

Dropbox is where all of our non-game videos are housed. It’s home to a ton of other resources, but for simplicity, we’ll stick to the surface level need-to-know basis material for now.

3.1 Folder Configuration

99% of the essentials for our department can be found in TBJ Master. To get there from the home screen, see the images below:

Robert Baumander

PD Video

TBJ Master

We’re Here!

We encourage you you dig through these folders during your downtime! There are a ton of educational PowerPoints and videos stashed throughout.

The two folders we live out of are TBJ Position Players and TBJ Pitchers.

Each player in our organization has a folder that they have access to. We send the player a link to their respective folder, and that is it. We do not share the password or anything else with them.

Starting with position players, if we dive inside the Addison Barger folder, we see he has seven sub folders. The format is the same with every hitter in our organization. It allows us to keep all the videos we ingest neat and accessible promptly.

Navigate to Barger, Addison

If you guessed that there would be another sub folder inside of these, you’re already ahead of the game. Let’s look inside “Defense.”

a peak inside of the Defense folder

We put the date of the event and label each corresponding video with a consistent syntax:

Last Name, First Name - Date- Event Name - Angle

With pitchers, the tune is the same. Each pitcher has six subfolders that consist of dates and videos labeled with the same syntax listed above. Below you will find a bullpen example.

A considerate amount of what we do is used to make organizational altering decisions on players. Dropbox is the home to a lot of the fine detail material that our leadership group relies on.